Welcome to MA.Tropez
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Welcome to MA.Tropez Werbeplakat
Welcome to MA.Tropez
Datum:Do 01.09.22 Uhrzeit:20:00 Uhr - 01:00 Uhr
Location:Schneckenhof Stadt:Mannheim
Veranstalter: VS Uni Mannheim Kategorie:Unifeten

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Whoa, party now
Spending money on Aperol-Spritz in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When we arrive in MA.Tropez.

Welcome, Freshmen! Welcome to MA.Tropez with the legendary Schneckenhof party right on campus.

Enjoy the evening with Aperol Spritz for 5€, 6 shots for 10€ and the best 2010 beats by @thisisdjaron.

After All - What could be better than summer, sun and Schneckenhof?


Welcome to MA.Tropez
1.09.2022 | 20 Uhr | Schneckenhof
Pre-Sale: 30.* & 31.8* | 12 - 14 Uhr Mensawiese | 4€
Box Office: 1.9* | 20 Uhr | 6€

#Schneckenhof #Aperoli #AperolSpritz #unimannheim #Mannheim #Party #quadratestadt #studileben #schneckenhofparty
#nachtleben #nachtsam

*No more than two tickets can be purchased per person. The amount of tickets is limited and the presale and box office will be closed as soon as all tickets are sold out. We also kindly ask you not to buy tickets on the black market. Our tickets are stamped with the official university seal to prevent counterfeiting.
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